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Toad Data Point 4.3

Configure Oracle LDAP Support

You can create Oracle Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) connections when your Oracle client is configured for LDAP. Once the client is configured, Toad retrieves names from your LDAP server and displays them in the Database Name list in the Create New Connection window.


To configure the Oracle client for LDAP

  1. Obtain the LDAP.ORA file from your database administrator.

  1. Copy the LDAP.ORA file to the folder where the SQLNET.ORA file for your Oracle client is located. The default folder is: ORACLE_HOME\network\admin

  1. Open the SQLNET.ORA file and enter "(LDAP)" as the value for the NAMES.DIRECTORY_PATH as follows:


    Note: If you are using multiple naming methods, add the (LDAP) value to existing parameter values. For example, if you are using both the TNSNAMES and LDAP naming methods, add LDAP to TNSNAMES as follows:


  1. Save the SQLNET.ORA file.

  1. Launch Toad and select File | New | Connection.

  1. Create an LDAP connection following the procedure in Create Oracle Connections. In step 3, select a database on the LDAP server from the Database Name list. Toad retrieves the list of LDAP names from the LDAP server once per Toad session. To refresh the list, click .


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